"More control... More action... More adrenaline"


Why I made this mod

The Adrenaline Gamer MOD was first targeted as an easy server side replacement for the Half-Life Deathmatch clans.
But now it's targeted for all players that want a better Half-Life Deathmatch experience.
It got cheat protection, spectator mode, new game modes and match features.

I'll try to explain all the features of the Adrenaline Gamer MOD.
I'll start off with the most used ones and I'll end with tellin you how the advanced commands work.

—   BulliT   —


After install

The installer automaticly copies your config.cfg and autoexec.cfg from previous version of AG/HLDM. I recommend that you bind the commandmenu when you first run the mod. You can do this with the Half-Life menus or by adding this line:

bind "M" "+commandmenu"
to your config.cfg in the C:/Half-Life/AG directory. With the commandmenu you can enter spectator mode, call votes to change map or gamemodes. You got everything you need in there.

Match functions

If you play clanmatches you can add the teamplay binds aswell.
I'll start of with the simple say bind that say:
"It's me" and adds your health(%H) and armour(%A) status to text.

bind "I" "say_team It's me! %H/%A"

You can enhance it abit more and add the location(%L) where you are
(works only on standard and the AG map packs).
bind "I" "say_team It's me! %H/%A - I'm at %L"

And for fun you can add a sound to it that gets played on team mates that
are close to you.
bind "N" "say_team It's me! %H/%A - I'm at %L;play_team barney/hellonicesuit.wav"

You can find more sounds to use by downloading a pakviewer and open
up the C:/Half-Life/valve/pak0.pak file.

A good bind that is needed in matches is the drop bind. It drops your current
weapon to your team m8 and say's what weapon you dropped.
bind "G" "say_team Dropped weapon %W;drop"

Thats it for the binds. Wasn't so hard was it? ;)

I'll go on to explain the match features.
A match is started with the agstart command. You can find this by using the command menu.
The agstart command will start a countdown (if the vote is accepted).
The timelimit and frags will be reset after the countdown and the players are respawned.

If you are the admin of the game you should be in spectator mode when the match starts. After the match begins the players are fixed.
If a new player enters the server he will put into spectator mode for the remaining time of the match. If a player drops from the server during the match he will be let back into the game when he joins again.
A timeout (60 second pause) can be called at any time during the match and a drop is good sitution to call that. A team only got one timeout per match so use it carefully.

If a team needs to replace a player during the match they can use the agallow command to let a spectator in. This console command works like this:
agallow "player name" (example: agallow [pmers]BulliT)
It can also be used with the player id from the status command like this:
agallow "player id" (example: agallow #43)

Changing gamemode

You can change gamemode with the commandmenu
Here is an explaination of the current AG gamemodes:

Free For All: This is the standard Deathmatch server.

Team Deathmatch: This gamemode could vary from server to server.
A fresh install set this to be the www.clanbase.com CUP settings.
The CUP settings are accepted as the European standard.

CTF: Capture The Flag mode, a fun teamplay mode where you try to capture the opponents flag.
Score system:
4 points for each capture.
1 point for returning your teams flag.
1 point for killing the opponent that carries your flag.
1 point for stealing the other teams flag.
1 point if you kill your opponent while defending your flag.

LMS: Last Man Standing wins!
You start with a subset of the standard weapons and battle it out until one man remains!

LTS: Last Team Standing wins!
You start with a subset of the standard weapons and battle it out until one team remains!

Arena: The one on one mode. When a player dies he goes to spectator mode
and the next in line is spawned after a countdown. If you just want to
watch you can change your ready status in the commandmenu
(ready/notready). Settings may vary from server to server.

Arcade: Warmup mode to get the feel for the weapons before a match. You
allways spawn with all weapons and ammo. If you kill someone you get a refill
as a reward. It got reduced headshot and less damage radius just like the
match mode.

Sgbow: Shotgun and bow mode, this mode features a subset of the regular weapons and is alot of fun, it got reduced headshots and a gauss to jump with (gauss wont do any damage).

Instagib: One shot one kill!

Client commands

help - Lists and explains all commands in your console.
spectate - Toggles spectator mode.
timeout - Call 1 minute timeout in matches.
ready/notready - Set ready mode in arena.
play_team file.wav - Play wav files to your team m8's
play_close file.wav - Play wav files to your team m8's close to you.
settings - Shows server settings.
auth name pass - Authenticate you as an admin.
newpass oldpass newpass - Change password.
stopsound - Engine command to stop all sounds currently playing.
+commandmenu - Shows commandmenu.
togglebrowser - Toggles Server Browser. Passwords are saved in passwords.txt
customtimer (seconds) - Shows countdown for the amount of seconds.
dropitems or drop flag - Drop flag in CTF mode.
togglewinamp - Toggles Winamp 2.X menu. Install Winamp 2.X Plugin Manager to be able to use Winamp 3.0
winamp play, pause, stop, next, prev, increase, decrease, repeat, shuffle, forward, rewind - Controls Winamp from console or alias.
agrecord (name) - Record to an unique filename.
loadauthid (url) - Load tab seperated list of authids and names.

say, say_team command enhancements
%H - Health.
%A - Armour.
%L - Location.
%W - Weapon.
%Q - Ammo.
%P - Long jump status.
%F - Flag status.

say_close - Only team m8's close to you receive your message.

Client variables

Recommended settings (1 is on, 0 is off if not stated otherwise)
hud_color "255 160 0" - Changes color on the Head Up Display.
con_color "255 160 0" - Changes color on the Console text.
hud_centerid 1 - Centers player id below crosshair. 0 moves it to the left.
hud_playerid 1 - Displays the player identification.
hud_spectatebar 1 - Shows the current player and information how to
change spectator modes when spectating.
hud_timer 1 - Displays the timer. 1 is time remaining, 2 is time elapsed,
3 is system time and 0 turns it off.
hud_settings 1 - Display the server settings.
hud_weapon 1 - Display the current weapon as a sprite (good for viewmodel off).
hud_takesshots 1 - Takes screenshot after every map change.
cl_matchreport 1 - Writes a match report after every map change into /aghl/matchreport directory.
cl_autowepswitch 2 - Autoswitch to better weapon when you pick up.
cl_disablespecs 0 - Disable players from spectating you.
cl_scores 2 - for a mini scoreboard direct on your hud. Set it to the amount of teams/players you want to see.
cl_scores_pos "30 30" - Controls where the mini scoreboard is draw on the screen. Default is top left.
cl_old_scoreboard 1 - Set to 1 to get the oldschool feeling back ;)
cl_only_team_talk 0 - You can turn off all public talk with this variable.
cl_show_colors 1 - Set to 0 to turn off the colors.
cl_ctf_volume 1 - Controls the volume on the CTF sounds.
cl_lc 1 - Lagg compensation.
cl_lw 1 - Client side controlled effects.

Votes, admin commands

agstart - Start a match.
agallow name - Allow a player into the match.
agpause - Pause server.
agnextmap (map) - Set next map.
agnextmode (mode) - Set next mode.
ffa - Change to Free For All mode.
tdm - Change to Team Death Match mode (FF1, WS0).
tdm2 - Change to Team Death Match mode II (FF0,WS0).
tdm3 - Change to Team Death Match mode III (FF0,WS1).
tdmx - Change to Team Death Match the AG way.
arena - Change to Arena mode.
arcade - Change to Arcade mode.
sgbow - Change to Shotgun and bow mode.
instagib - Change to Instagib mode.
lts - Change to Last Team Standing mode.
lms - Change to Last Man Standing mode.
ctf - Change to Capture The Flag mode.
ag_spectalk 1 - Allow spectators to talk to all.
ag_spec_team_only 0 - Limit spectators to their team only.

Server installation

Download the latest dedicated server for Windows hlserver4110.exe
or the latest for Linux hlds_l_3110_full.bin
If my links don't work go to Fileplanet and download the file there.

Special Linux instructions in italic:
Download the file to your home directory, then type:
tar xfzv hlds_l3110.tar.gz
cd hlds_l

Then download AG to the hlds_l directory you currently
are standing in, then type:
tar xfzv ag_63.tar.gz
cd aghl

Then edit "ag_run" and change port if you have more servers
running on the machine. You start the linux server with ag_run command
when you are done with the settings below.

After you installed it you need to edit the /aghl/server.cfg and change:
rcon_password - Remote control password.
hostname - The name to show in a gamebrowser.
sv_password - The password to enter the server.
sv_contact - Your email address.

You can also go into startup_server.cfg and change to what
gamemode the server will start in.
sv_ag_gamemode ffa - Free For All
sv_ag_gamemode tdm - Team Deathmatch
sv_ag_gamemode arena - Arena
sv_ag_gamemode arcade - Arcade
sv_ag_gamemode sgbow - Sgbow
sv_ag_gamemode instagib - Instagib
sv_ag_gamemode ctf - Capture The Flag
sv_ag_gamemode lts - Last Team Standing
sv_ag_gamemode lms - Last Man Standing

You can also change the allowed gamemodes. For all gamemodes use blank string.
You can also use this string here with all gamemodes allowed. Remove those you dont like.
I recommend that you leave it to what the installer set for you.
sv_ag_allowed_gamemodes "ffa;ffax;tdm;tdm2;tdm3;tdmx;arena;arcade;sgbow;instagib;ctf;lts;lms"

Do not change mp_xxx server settings in server.cfg. Add/Change them in
the gamemodes configuration files in /aghl/gamemodes. I repeat - do not change mp_xxx server settings in server.cfg!

You can easily start a Windows server by using the shortcuts in startmeny. I predefined a standard internet and a standard LAN server.
Please dont use server password if you dont need to, we need to help new players into the game!
If your server admin demands a password then please use hlclan and remember to set sv_contact so I can contact you!

RCON Server commands

agaddadmin name password - Add new admin.
aglistadmins - List all admins.
agdeladmin name - Delete existing admin.
agnextmap mapname - Set next level.
agnextmode mode - Set next mode.
agexec config - Executes a server configuration.
agstart full - Start a match. Add "full" if you want to do an American start.
agallow name or #id - Allow a player into the match. If blank - allow yourself
agpause - Pause server.
agforcespectator name or #id - Force a player into spectator mode.
agforceteamup name or #id team - Force a player into a team.
ffa - Change to Free For All mode.
tdm - Change to Team Death Match mode (FF1, WS0).
tdm2 - Change to Team Death Match mode II (FF0,WS0).
tdm3 - Change to Team Death Match mode III (FF0,WS1).
tdmx - Change to Team Death Match the AG way.
arena - Change to Arena mode.
arcade - Change to Arcade mode.
sgbow - Change to Shotgun and bow mode.
instagib - Change to Instagib mode.
lts - Change to Last Team Standing mode.
lms - Change to Last Man Standing mode.
ctf - Change to Capture The Flag mode.
help - List commands.
variables - List variables.

Server side variables

Recommended settings (1 is on, 0 is off if not stated otherwise)
sv_ag_pure 1 - 0 is regular spike and wallhack check. 1 adds checks so that standard models are the same as the servers (aimbot protection), it also adds the variable checker.
sv_ag_max_spectators 5 - Max spectators allowed.
sv_ag_allowed_gamemodes "ffa;tdm;arena;arcade;sgbow;instagib" - The allowed gamemodes. Set this in startup_server.cfg.
sv_ag_allow_vote 1 - Allow voting.
sv_ag_vote_setting 1 - Vote ag_xxx ettings.
sv_ag_vote_gamemode 1 - Allow gamemode switching. This is limited with the sv_ag_allowed_gamemodes variable
sv_ag_vote_kick 0 - Allow voting a kick.
sv_ag_vote_admin 0 - Allow voting an admin.
sv_ag_vote_map 1 - Allow map voting.
sv_ag_vote_start 1 - Allow agstart/agkick.
sv_ag_vote_allow 1 - Allow agallow..
ag_start_minplayers 2 - Minumum amount of player to allow match with agstart command.
ag_vote_failed_time 180 - Seconds until next vote can begin if last failed.
sv_ag_vote_mp_timelimit_low 10 - Lowest timelimit to vote on.
sv_ag_vote_mp_timelimit_high 40 - Highest timelimit to vote on.
sv_ag_vote_mp_fraglimit_low 0 - Lowest fraglimit to vote on.
sv_ag_vote_mp_fraglimit_high 10 - Highest fraglimit to vote on.
sv_ag_show_gibs 1 - Show dead bodies.
sv_ag_spawn_volume 0.5 - respawn sound volume. The default value is half the regular value.
sv_ag_floodmsgs 4 - Flood messages to tolerate. 0 will deactive it.
sv_ag_floodpersecond 4 - Flood messages per second.
sv_ag_floodwaitdelay 10 - Flood penelty timer.
sv_ag_auto_admin 1 - Give auto admin to admins in admin list.
sv_ag_allow_timeout 1 - Allow players calling timeout when playing a match.

Special map developer commands

Available when you start a listen server (local server).
agaddloc name - Add a location.
agdelloc name - Delete a location.
aglistloc - List locations.

IRC Commands

ircconnect - Connect to IRC server.
ircdisconnect - Disconnect from IRC server.
irc - Execute IRC commands.
toggleirc - Brings up a VGUI dialog that can be used to chat. BR>
To overide the default parameters I added a few variables.
irc_server - The server you want to connect to. Defaults to irc.quakenet.eu.org.
irc_port - The port on the server. Defaults to 6667.
irc_nick - The nick on IRC. If this is empty it uses your Half-Life name.

For other networks than quakenet:
irc_userid - Userid on server. If this is empty it uses your computername.
irc_password - Password on server. No defaults on this one.
irc_fullname - Fullname on server. If empty it uses the username you logged on in windows.
irc_autojoin - Channel you want to join upon connect. Standard is #pmers

Use / before the IRC commands.
Leave the / out if you want to send messages.
To send private messages write /privmsg nick message
That will send the text "message" to the nick "nick".

irc /join #pmers
irc hey boys!
irc /privmsg Bullster man this r0x!

Known problems:
Key input is messed up in VGUI dialog until Valve bugfix the VGUI code.
Nick changes aren't saved on your client so you might see the old nick you had before you changed it - but others see the new one.
Zonealarm brings up a dialog during connect causing Half-Life to hang.


HLTV is a seperate application runned by server admins or by helpful players.
It works like a server for players so they connect to HLTV instead of the real server.
Galzac (a cool dude with fat pipe :P) starts a HLTV server in Sweden and connects to GIB #1 server in Italy.
The server in Italy will then get a player named HLTV_Proxy. The proxy is flagged as a spectator and wont join the game.
If you for example are using the excellent All Seeing Eye you will notice that there are two servers now.
The one with the number is the HLTV proxy that Galzac put up and the one without is the real server in Italy.
Players that wanna watch the game connect to Galzac instead of the real server.
That way they 20+ players can spectate the game instead of just the few that can join the real server.
The best thing is that there dont have to be anyone but the players and the HLTV proxy on the real server. So they get a lagg free game.
For big games it could be good to make a chain of HLTV servers.
The ones that got a good enough connection to run HLTV decide that one connect to the server. He then puts password on his server so that no one can get in except the others that want to run HLTV.
That is done so that he first server dont get borked down by alot of players that want to spectate the game. They will instead connect to the other HLTV's. That ensures that the main connect to the real server is good and lagg free.
I made a little picture here to explain it.

For the primary HLTV server I recommend that you use a shortcut like this:
c:\sierra\half-life\hltv.exe -maxclients 8 +password "primarypass"
When started just type "connect yyy:27015" where the ip is the HL server.
For the secondary line of HLTV servers I recommend that you use this shortcut:
c:\sierra\half-life\hltv.exe -maxclients 32
When started just type "connect xxx:27020" where the ip is the primary HLTV server.


If you are using Metamod you need to update it to v1.13.1 be able to host AG CTF games.
You also have to rename AG.DLL(ag_i386.so) to HL.DLL(hl_i386.so) to get metamod to work, Will (metamod dude) forgot to change it.


The content contained herein is Copyright � 2001-2003 bullit@planethalflife.com, unless otherwise noted. This printout may be used for reference purposes only. You may not reprint any of this content without the express written authorization of bullit@planethalflife.com.