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Thuesday August 4, 2004

Spyware & Virus

There have been a lot of new players coming on since AG was featured in the Steam game browser.
Welcome, and dont be alarmed of the skill of the existing AG players, we are the cream of the crop of HLDM :)

Rich (the guy that runs the cheat logger in #aghl@irc.quakenet.org) wanted me to tell you guys that you really need to scan for spyware and adware. There has been a lof ot players "caught" by AG's cheat detection that is caused by infected system.
Please install and run Adaware from Lavasoft or Spybot S&D from Safe Networking to get rid of the spyware.
While you are at it get AVG Free edition from Grisoft to remove the viruses.

There has been 1054 downloads on one mirror today so I added a few more to take the load off.
If you want to join a clan for some fun games then post in the General forum at www.hlccl.com.
One other good things to know is that most American servers uses efilflah (halflife backwords) as password and most European uses hlclan. Why? Cause the server is cheaper with pass on :)

Good luck and have fun at the servers with a CLEAN and healthy computer!

-   BulliT   -

Sunday November 30, 2003

AG 6.6 Released

This is just a small update on the server side part of AG 6.5 + a new skin by alba for Steam
The installer should now also detect the correct Steam dir. If not, then run Half-Life once from the Steam menu.

This will be last version of AG so I would like say thank you to:

Saturn48, Mr. T-rex, Golem, Raz, Hicks, AweX, Don,Tolon, Spr, Scary-one, Reno, Wolf, Violation, CHiNX, Finger, SmelC, KungFuSquirrel, Cash Car Star and Valve for contributing to the mod.

Urge, Dmz, Sliver and StribetNatdyr for helping out with Linux boxes to compile/test on.

[G0dSquad], Aklam, Badger, Baldnut, Banzai, Boris, Cahonis, Cleg, Dalehead, Dark*rider, Dilbert, Golem, Janer, Jazz, JimmyP, Jugger*2, L!z4rD, Moonymaster, Morty, PsychoSi, RATICIDE, SuperFLY, S|inky, S_P_S, Troj, TW, Vi700, WindyMiller and Zee for keeping this mod alive even after I quit playing by donating some wine and money :-)

-   BulliT   -

Friday September 19, 2003

AG Steam

Here is a version of AG that can be used on the Steam platform.

1. Installer does not detect Steam directory so select Steam\SteamApps\your@email.com\Half-Life manually.
2. When I cleaned up startup_server.cfg I accidently removed sv_maxspeed 300 - so add that back into it. If you dont you might end up with speed 270 or 320.
3. This release go into Half-Life\AG folder.
4. I'll wait for Valve to release a proper Steam SDK with VAC support before I release the real "easy to install", "spiced up" Steam version (No ETA).

I saw a good column at ESReality.com about HLDM and AG. Check it out, it's fun to see the Quake players comments!  

-   BulliT   -

Sunday September 14, 2003

Steam problems

Seems like any mod that is not made or maintained by Valve crashes in GameUI.dll when starting a listen server in Steam. I'll try to contact Valve after the weekend and figure it out.
I noticed some other serious problems when using the x.1.1.1 dedicated server or steam - one of their functions changed it's returnvalue breaking a lot of my code.
Thankfully that was an easy serverside fix for Windows/Linux here: ag_64beta.zip.
I recommend that you wait for the real HL patch that merges with Steam before you update your servers/computers. That will give us modmakers enough headroom to update our mods so they work properly.

Now some good news!
I also fixed AG minimod to work in Steam and with the x.1.1.1 dedicated server. Get it here - ag_64mini.zip.
The minimod is a small Valve replacement with the standard commands and gamemodes except CTF/DOM. It got bunnyjumping, but it's still locked on the client so it doesn't feel as smooth as regular AG.

If you are using my Gamebrowser then you can change to the new Steam master server in the settings dialog (get there with Commands-Configure). The new one is hlmaster1.hlauth.net.

-   BulliT   -

Wednesday August 27, 2003

Please update your virus protection!

www.grisoft.com got AVG free edition that will do the job for you.
Go to www.windowsupdate.com and patch up your windows while you are at it.
I get 30-40 emails per day from HLDM players with virus so it's getting quite annoying.
Dont jump to conclusions where those emails come from, I got emails sent from "myself" to myself with virus in em originating from all over the world.
Seems like using email as support sux :-)

-   BulliT   -

Friday July 4, 2003

New 2vs2 leage!

AGZone just opened up their door - go grab a friend and enter their new 2vs2 leage!

-   BulliT   -

Wednesday July 2, 2003

New ladders and patch

ESL started a couple of ladders open for International Clans.

There is also a new patch and SDK coming real soon, hopefully that means that I can use the VAC modules in AG!

-   BulliT   -

Thuesday May 13, 2003

Finally a forum!

AG Mod was conceived from forum wishes at the now defunct site www.adrenalinegamer.com (most recently named www.challenge-hl.com). That's why I never bothered to create my own forum for it - but now when both sites are gone I decided to host a forum on my clan [pmers] homepage. So head on over there and talk about AG, HL2 or whatever that springs to mind!

-   BulliT   -

Friday April 25, 2003


A blast from the past - I uploaded a few guides from the old CHL&AG sites and a new model skinning guide from [TT].Voodoo!.

-   BulliT   -

Sunday April 20, 2003

Adrenaline Gamer 6.3 minimod

I released a new version of the minimod today.
The minimod is a standard Valve replacement mod, that means that your players wont have to download anything to play on your server.
It is lacking cheat protection, ctf/ctf2/dom gamemodes and the maps.
It also lack everything else that is implemented on the client, like old scoreboard, IRC client, MapBrowser, ServerBrowser, etc.

I've also updated my webpage to make easier to read and navigate!

-   BulliT   -

Monday March 24, 2003

Adrenaline Gamer 6.3

The 6.1 and 6.2 version didn't work well with Counter-Strike retail version. Players got wrongfully kicked by the cheat detection rutines I wrote.
I'm sorry about that and I've now fixed that and the problems with German/French versions of Half-Life aswell.
I hope that the community will try out the betas I make available before the releases better next time to avoid these kinds of problems.

Note that ASUS still ship their drivers with built in wallhack/wireframe mode. So you cant use their drivers with AG Mod until they remove it. Regular drivers from nVidia and other suppliers work fine.
So change to nVidia drivers if you get caught by the AG Mod cheat check indicating a bad nvoglnt dll.

Added features:
Added 3 new CTF maps, agctf_forsaken and agctf_echo by ReNo and agctf_daydream by Cash Car Star
Added Capture The Flag II gamemode. It's a mix between Last Team Standing and CTF
Added Domination gamemode. This is a gamemode that [*mup*]Hicks been working on. There are a bit more work to be done here, but you can play it on datacore so far!
Added hud_color and fixed con_color on request from Tolon
Added agnextmode to change mode when the map changes
Added empty agallow statement to vote for yourself
Added sv_ag_allow_timeout 0/1 to be able to turn off timeout on the server
Added play_close to play a wav file to team m8's close of you. At the same time I changed play_team to play to all team m8's
Added so that satchels can teleport. With this there is a little chance of blowing up mines set close to the teleport. But it won't get the ones a further away.
Added agrecord to be able to record to a unique filename without using aliases.
Added some overview images for popular maps made by Stig and Jugger.

Modelcheck now works properly
Fixed black text when using no colors
Fixed problems with the storm dudes names
You can use ^ in text now
Fixed two egon beams in specmode
Fixed egon beam left on screen when you specced someone using a beam and you left specmode
Fixed annoying bug when a players grens, satchels where invisible in specmode
Fixed restore score in lan games (based it on IP address)
Fixed sound and position problems in spectator mode - still not fixed in HLTV
I removed damage on the rpg and grenades left in air when the map is reset (problem with lamers in arena/lts/lms mode)

Other changes:
Updated cheat protection. It will now use less memory in the server (wont precache the halflife.wad etc).
Note - that liquids.wad, halflife.wad and gfx.wad is added to cheat check. So dont change them.
Also not that you can change blue/red models as you whish. Just dont make em bigger than the standard models.
The cheat protection is turned off in LAN servers cause it's just annoying to wait there.
Changed url to loadauthid. It now accepts any web address, but you cant load any other local file than realnames.txt

I want to say special thank you to:
Urge for helping out with Linux machine and to Tolon for exploring the dark sides of the internet searching while updating the AG cheatprotection.
Big thank you to StribetNatdyr that run the HL-Center servers for his help setting up a shell account so I could fix the problem with dependency on GLIBC 2.3!


-   BulliT   -

Thursday October 24, 2002

This have been a fun week ;)

I've been playing a bit too much lately :P - hope you guys enjoy AG 6 aswell!
Here is a very cool video: CS vs HLDM - 146MB
Visit Planet-Videos for more!

-   BulliT   -

Friday October 11, 2002

AG6.0 Released!

It took a while, I waited a bit too long on Valve's new Software Development Kit. But that wait wasn't in vain, I had time to add some more features becacuse of that.
So here it is - the brand new version of AG mod!
If you feel like I've given you a lot of pleasure over the years then feel free to donate some money! Big thank you for the donations I got so far!

Added features:
+commandmenu got an update with the new commands. USE IT!
Added Capture The Flag gamemode. Check aghl/fgd directory if you want to make a map.
Added Last Man Standing gamemode.
Added Last Team Standing gamemode.
Added Winamp 2.X control (togglewinamp in console). Use DirectSound as output in Winamp to be able to change volume without affecting Half-Life. Install Winamp 2.X Plugin Manager to be able to use Winamp 3.0.
Added AG Server Browser. (togglebrowser in console). Lets you join any AG 6 server and prompts for password if needed.
Added AG Map Browser. (togglemapbrowser in console). Lets you vote any map the server has available.
Added cl_only_team_talk so that you can turn off all public talk when a match is on.
Added cl_scores for a mini scoreboard direct on your hud. Set it to the amount of teams/players you want to see.
Added cl_scores_pos to control where the mini scoreboard draw in the screen. Default is "30 30" - top left.
Added cl_old_scoreboard. Set to 1 to get the oldschool feeling back ;)
Fixed "help" command in console to list more commands.
Added colors to team messages. Write ^1 in your message for red, ^2 for green, ^3 for yellow, ^4 blue. Terminate color with ^0.
Won ID is replaced by the new Auth ID. So that autorestore score works for Steam clients also.
Abiltity to load a file with Auth ID's so that you can see the real name of a player. Store the Auth ID's together with the name in realnames.txt and use commands loadauthid/unloadauthid.
Added agforcespectator,agforceteamup admin commands to force a player into a certain team or to spectator mode.
Added automatic player stats from www.ag-stats.net. Server admins need to uncomment the lines in startup_server.cfg. The available ag-stats commands are: myskill,topskill,bottomskill,showme [wonid]
Added option to install new crosshairs made by Tolon.
Added option to install high fps weaponbox models.

Valve's latest HLTV fixes added.
mp_teamlist selection works now. But there are no autobalance.
Performance improvements to achive higher FPS on both client and server.
Gauss kickback lagg fixed.
Spectator mode got some improvements, you can now have inset mode with for example map layout. You will also be able see the weaponmodel in first person spectator mode.

Other changes:
irctoggle renamed to toggleirc.

I want to say special thank you to:
Raziel, Awex, Reno, KungFuSquirrel, Don, Dj Gizmo, Boris, SmelC, Finger and Golem for the help I got to make this release the best HLDM mod out there!


-   BulliT   -

Sunday July 7, 2002

Still waiting for Valve!

Valve take a bit more time to release the new Software Development Kit so you guys have to wait a bit longer for AG 6.0. In the mean time I put together a new cheats.zip file that you can get from the Files section.
Note that HL Guard does a very poor job these days and screw up the game more than it does any good.

-   BulliT   -

Wednesday June 12, 2002

Valve patch released today!

I will put together a last testversion of AG 6.0 when Valve release their Half-Life Software Development Kit (HLSDK).
That should be a couple of more days. But dont worry, you can still play AG 5.5 with the new patch.
Read more about AG 6.0 at Challenge-HL.

-   BulliT   -

Monday April 1, 2002

Bugfix Released!

Even though the beta was out a while we found a bug today.
Here is a small upgrade to the Linux version that fixes it: ag_55_551.tar.gz
Unpack it to hlds_l/ag/dlls/ directory.

-   BulliT   -

Monday April 1, 2002

AG5.5 Released!

This update is for players and server admins.
You cant connect to older servers with this patch and vice versa.
Note: WinNT4 is not supported for clients but work for servers.

Added features:
Cheat protection updated.
Scoreboard now shows Won ID.
Using less aggresive compiler option to cure some of the crashes that occured in the client.dll.
Added CBCUP gamemode. Regular TDM with sv_ag_pure 1 and reduced gloun damage.

Voted pause now uses the "hard" pause of server.
Votes called with playernumber now retains the playernumber instead of replacing the number with the name. This allows kicks to work even though player changed name.
Added valves bugfix so that there are no more delay when gaussjumping on an internet server.

-   BulliT   -

Thursday December 6, 2001

AG5.3 Released!

This update is for players and server admins.
You cant connect to older servers with this patch and vice versa.

Added features:
Cheat updates is now as easy as downloading a cheats.dat file from this page and put it in the AG directory on the server. This makes it easy for me and for server admins to keep up to date with the latest game destroyers. The cheat check is also much faster. The current cheats.dat file adds protection from the speedhack released today.
If you wanna enjoy a game vs Rho-bot's you can now add them from a lan game with the command "addbot"
Thx to Scott for making the Rho-Bot sourcecode public for everyone to use.
I have also added a bunch of server variables to make AG more configurable. Check them out in the help pages.

Complete HLTV scoreboard fix as promised before.
Added the latest bugfixes from valve with soundfix for crossbow, zoomfix for python and egon gun fixes.
And some other bugs that I forgot to write down.

Other news
Barrysworld is now using AG 5 on their servers for the HLCCL leage. They host 6 servers for the 48 clans in 6 divisions so they can enjoying a good game each Sunday evening!

-   BulliT   -

Thuesday September 25, 2001

AG 5.01 Released!

I've compiled a server update to fix a few of the problems with the latest release.

Added features:
Added gamemode TDM4 with friendlyfire on, weaponstay off, wallgauss off and pure settings for the Nations CUP '2001 on http://www.clanbase.com.
Documented the IRC feature.
Added a simple guide to HLTV.

Spectators are now on their own team.
HLTV clients now get the full scoreboard sent on agstart. If a client connects later his scoreboard wont be displayed as teamplay. A clientside fix will be issued later to fully fix the problem.
Merging of RPG code went a bit bad so the rocket had the double velocity... I fixed that.
agstart now correctly restore how much hev refillers charge. Accidently filled it up to the same value as health refillers.
Tried to fix scoreboard for demos a bit better. I now resend the complete team/player list 5 seconds after the demo started.
Admins can now change the gamemode.

I recommend that all server admins download this so that AG5 can be used the the Nations CUP.

-   BulliT   -

Thursday September 20, 2001

AG5.0 Released!

New features
Built in IRC with console or VGui.
Voice communication.
Support for HLTV.
New scoreboard.
Client side weapon effects.
Prints score in console when match ends so that you get the correct scores saved in demo.
100% customable gamemodes - it's very easy to add your own.
Made bunnyjump physics standard. Set sv_ag_oldphysics 0 to use the new physics.
If vote was denied it now waits 180 seconds until next is vote can be called. You can change that with sv_ag_vote_failed_time.
Added TDM2 (friendlyfire 0, weaponstay 0) and TDM3 mode (friendlyfire 0, weaponstay 1).
Can now display weapon on hud like in in-eye spectator mode if you set hud_weapon 1.
4 more wallhacks prevented, more to be tested...

Pure mode only enabled in sgbow and tdmx to make it more newbie friendly with enabled gaussjump aliases.
Cup mode is now called TDMX. It got 2x Headshots, 0.8 splashdamage, wallgauss off, 9 (normally 12) in damage for glock and 45 (normally 50) in damage for one crossbow bolt.
No refill with ammo/health in arena.
No spawn volume in arena.
Wallhack updates now only needs server side update.
Faster wallhack check.
Spikecheck now only checks the in-use models, to scan your dir use command "checkmodels".
Only displays ag settings in splash if they are changed from standard HalfLife values.
Enabled force_centerview in non pure modes.

Cant ban rpg red dot due to clientside weapons.

Health and Hev rechargers is now restored correctly when using agstart.
Timeout now makes sure the server got correctly unpaused after a timeout.
Screenshot/matchreport and stopping of demo after mapchange could be skipped in AG4, made sure it works 100% now.
Timer now works with mp_timelimit 0.
In-eye spectator mode now reports correct ammo for all weapons.
Locations now works in demos. I also fixed a bug where the locations wasn't updated fast enough for all players.
Fixed valve bug: Gloun gun sprite pointing the wrong way, Crowbar sound, Killing HL-Proxy client Scoreboard with weird names with many teams on it

-   BulliT   -

Saturday September 1, 2001

AG 4.11 released!

Just a minor server fix for say command before I uploaded the files to my new host here at PlanetHalflife.
It is 100% compatible with 4.1.

-   BulliT   -

Thursday July 19, 2001

AG 4.1 Released!

New: It will now show all models that are corrupt or to big before it kick you out. Check aglog.txt in half-life/aghl dir for listing if you cant see console.
It wont kick you for using a bad variable - it will just reset it to a valid value.
Bugfixes: The command play_team works again
The crouch bug hitbox was due to a bad player.mdl and that is fixed.
Crash on startup was due to a bug in modelcheck code - that is fixed and I also modified the ranges abit so that more models work.

-   BulliT   -

Thuesday July 17, 2001

AG 4.0 Released

The mod is now client side so I have been able to add alot more stuff for you!
In-eye spectator mode.
New match stuff like timeout and sudden death.
Spike check improved.
Added OpenGL cheat check.
Added variable checker - locks certain known exploited variables.
Redesigned HUD with better timer and more settings.
Ability to write match reports in a simple text file.
Revised and deleted some gamemodes to make them more customable.
Arena mode rewritten/bugfixed.

-   BulliT   -

Thuesday March 13, 2001

AG 3.2 Released!

For the new patch with new Arena mode and bugfixes. Type arena2 to use it.
Updated map packs, removed unused maps to save space.
New gamebrowser version with rcon support for new patch.

-   BulliT   -

Monday October 30, 2000

AG 2.0 Released!

New gamemodes: Clanbase Cup and 1vs1 Adrenaline Arena mode.
You can now also vote for pause and turn weaponswitching off.
A new funny thing for teambinds are the abilty to play sounds to you team m8's with the play_team command.

-   BulliT   -

Monday August 28, 2000

AG 1.0 Released!

This first release of Adrenaline Gamer mod features all new Adrenaline Arcade and Wireplay modes.
Voting, match functions (including scorecache for dropped players), spectator mode, enhanched say command and light admin commands makes playing pure enjoyment!

-   BulliT   -


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